WACC-Modell: Q4 11 (+13%) und 2011 (+47%) waren überragend für Hedge-Anleger

Our long portfolio gained some 5% since early October whereas our short recommendations lost more than 7%. Consequently, long-short hedge investors achieved a positive performance difference of 13% or of 12.1pp. This positive performance gap was achieved in each class of shares. ‘Other’ shares (includes German small-caps as well as European shares not included in the EuroSTOXX50) achieved the best result with a difference of +21.6% or of +18pp. But MDax constituents (+12.5%) and European blue chips (+10.3%) also gained a fortune. Our best long recommendations of the past quarter were Stada (+24%), Deutsche Post (+20%), as well as Ahold (+16%) and Suedzucker (+15%). On the other hand, the worst performers were all included in our short list and here, they were concentrated in ‘others’: Praktiker (-54%), Peugeot (-31%), Wienerberger (-22%), and Koenig & Bauer (-19%) all suffered substantial share price setbacks. The performance of the past four WACC model portfolios is also quite positive. The four long portfolios lost a total of 10% while the DAX fell by 16% and the EuroSTOXX50 by almost 20%. This shows that long investors that followed our advice during the past year outperformed the reference indices. During the same year the four short lists lost almost 40%. As a result, long-short hedge investors gained almost 29pp or 46.8%.



01.Januar 2016

+25,4% für Long- und +16,5% für Hedge-Investoren in 2016

01.Januar 2015

ROE-Modell: +8,4% für Long- und +10,5% für Hedge-Investoren in 2014

02.Januar 2014

ROE-Modell 2013: +48% für Long- und +21% für Hedge-Investoren

29.September 2013

WACC-Modell: Weiterhin nicht genügende Long-Empfehlungen

01.Juli 2013

+2,3% für Long- und positive Performance für Hedge-Investoren

25.März 2013

WACC-Modell: +8,7% für Long-Investoren im 1Q2013

27.Dezember 2012

ROE Modell-Portfolio: +36% für Long- und +20% für Hedgeinvestoren in 2012

27.Dezember 2012

WACC-Modell: +30% für Long- und +13% für Hedgeinvestoren in 2012

24.September 2012

WACC-Modell: Ein für unser Modell schwaches Quartal ist vorbei

06.Juli 2012

Mittelstandsanleihen - Ohne Umwege direkt in die Krise-